Thursday, March 11, 2010


So, the other night we were out to dinner as a family.

It was a Friday night and we had just bought new towels at Kohl's. Yes, we do know how to spend a Friday don't we?

We were sitting at dinner at a restaurant that didn't ask "do you want fries with that", so it was a real treat.

We were all sitting around the table eating and my youngest daughter was really putting it away. I jokingly said "where are you putting all this food?".

She answered "in my boobie".

It was at that particular moment when everyone in the room had decided to take a bite of food because it was super quiet. So of course her voice carried quite a distance.

Now, months ago, I would have died of embarrassment. But not this time, this time I did what any self respecting mom would do. I laughed like crazy and then took another bite of my fish! I mean come on, it isn't every day that I don't have to cook the food or clean up after the meal.

I am thinking she is a little obsessed with "hoo haas" right now. The other night after her bath, she put on her pajamas then put on her sisters sports bra on top of it.

She is 4 going on 30 some days.

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