Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello, is anyone there?

Some of you have asked where I have been and I will tell you what has been going on, are you ready?


That is right, life is going on.

My life has been very busy lately. I am not superwoman and something had to give. Unfortunately that something was this blog.

I am back and after much deliberation I have decided to keep this blog going. You see I enjoy it. And I didn't realize how many other people enjoyed it as well.

When I started this blog, I was a little unsure of what it would be or become. I had these grand ideas that I could use this blog as a way to make money. Not that we need money, but that it was a way to allow me to either stay at home, or do other things with it, like save for a bigger house.

When that didn't happen I'll be honest, I was a little upset. Then I realized that I was getting much more from it than I realized. This is my way of coping with a very crazy life. This is my way of sharing and keeping in touch with others who think and do things similar to me.

I have dabbled in crafting and sewing things. While I do enjoy these items, I realized that I do not have the time to do these things for money. Yes, I will make them for friends and family. But for the time being that is all.

Thanks for sticking with me while I figure out what this blog is. For now it will simply be ramblings of a mom. Posting about my quirky little things I do. Some save me money, some do not. Some I have to do because of food allergies. And some I simply do because I enjoy.

I promise to post like I used to.


  1. Glad you're back. I was feeling ignored. :)

  2. I was getting worried about you! I figured maybe you were busy preparing for Drew's birthday! I can not believe it has been a whole year!!!

    I have been on again off again blogging for a few years now and I use it as a way to share ideas and thoughts, bit like a journal but more open.

    I think it takes time to build up readers in order to make money although I did get a free Starbucks gift card once!

    Keep on bloggin' sista!