Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WW Update

Well, tomorrow will be day 4 of Weight Watchers. I am doing pretty well. I never realized just now much I grazed all day long. Then come meal time I would eat again, simply because it was meal time.

It really makes you realize what you are eating, knowing that you have to write it down, and add it to your points tracker. Plus, I can't eat junk, because that takes up so many points, I am forced to be really thoughtful in what I eat.

I have also realized that my trouble time is in the afternoon. Big time. So if I use up a little extra points there, it is okay because I am fine with a smaller dinner.

I already exercise on my days I work, I walk a minimum of  3 miles. I have been trying to do an exercise video or walk the neighborhood on the days I am home, but that is harder.

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