Monday, May 31, 2010

Menu Plan, Week of May 30

This week we have a holiday, the last day of school, basketball camp, select soccer try outs, two soccer games, a birthday party, a graduation, a field trip and a wedding shower.

So our meals will be crazy to say the least. I am not quite certain yet exactly how or when we will eat. But I will start with a plan and then change as needed.

Sunday: breakfast was whatever you wanted to eat when you got up, lunch was sandwiches and dinner was grilled pork roast with buttered noodles, corn and watermelon.

Here is the rest of the meals for the week:

Breakfast: cinnamon rolls, cold cereal, waffles

Lunches: leftovers, spanish rice, sandwiches

Dinners: grilled hamburgers with maccaroni and cheese, grilled chicken with rice, spaghetti with homemade garlic bread, Cincinnati style chili, sandwiches and leftovers.

And let's hope that I make it through the week. I have to make cupcakes for my 4th graders school party and cupcakes for the end of soccer season party for my 5 year old. Plus I have to bring snacks for after the game for my 10 year old, no idea yet what I am bringing.

Wish me luck.

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