Monday, October 18, 2010

Tip of the Week!

Sign up for freebies! I usually sign up for freebies.

I love getting things in the mail. Always have. Except for bills, who likes getting those?

I usually get my freebie information from Money Saving Mom, I go to her web site a few times a day if I can and check to see what they have. Sometimes I can't check for day and sadly the really good freebies are already gone.

Here is what I got in the mail the other day. A free Aveeno sample and a pair of free running socks! All for nothing!

It does take a few minutes, but I signed up for Roboform and they do the work for me! Roboform is a website that keeps this information on hand as well as user names and passwords (I only use the password feature on non private sites I hit). Then I simply click a button in my menu bar while I have the form open and it fills out my information into the fields. I simply hit send and done! I have filled out my form for a freebie.

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