Thursday, July 29, 2010

13 Random Thoughts

My life has been hectic to say the least. So here is a bit of randomness that is bouncing around. Thirteen to be exact.

1. Okay, am I the only one that thinks this piece of toast has a smiley face on it?

2. Yes, that is my son using a piece of corn as a cell phone. He is talking to his peeps.

3. Doesn't everyone wear your sisters slippers, a diaper, sleep shirt and a German hat together? Not everyone can pull this look off you know. And yes, those are the remnants of his breakfast on his face. That is what happens when your sisters get you out of your highchair.

4. This is what the sky looked like the other night. Isn't it beautiful?

5. Little man loves to vacuumm. It isn't plugged in, but he loves it anyway. He is infatuated with the sweeper. Now if I could only teach him to dust.

6. Beautiful flower taken at the Columbus Zoo.

7. Yes, that is my butt. But a much smaller, fit butt. After 30 pounds of weight loss and lots of exercise. Not to toot my own horn. Okay, TOOT TOOT.

8. We made blackened catfish the other night. Turns out we don't reall like catfish, who new?

9. This is what my butt used to look like. I like my new butt. This was only 3 months ago, if you can believe it.

10. This is my oldest and she started select soccer this week.

11. This was her outfit for playing store. She thought this is what you wear to work when you worked at a purse boutique. We played that last week when it rained.

12. She also starts her pottery class this week.

13. I love back to school time, the smell of crayons and new paper. I have always loved this time of year.

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  2. absolutely GREAT! what did you do to get that hot a butt ? :)

  3. I'm not a butt waTCHER per se but nice going toot hahah- That little man is hilarious- corn cell phone who knew- and she is a beauty - yes rememebr in You've got mail when he says a bouquet of crayons and sharpened new so much promise so cooler- 98.9 here 118 heat index sandy

  4. Great post.
    And WTG with your weight loss.
    I was diagnosed with prediabetes 10 months ago, and have lost about 35 pounds, so I know how satisfying it is to win in the losing game.

    That piece of toast is more like a "Oh, Oh!" face... not a smiley. But it certainly is a face.

  5. Great butt!! You should be proud! I love back to school time too and new school supplies are awesome :)